Restorative Healing after Healthcare Harm

Our Mission

“To work collaboratively towards a future where harmed patients and families are respected and cared for, their needs are understood and met, their suffering is minimised and their recovery is enabled, where preventable second harm is eliminated.”

We are a campaign  working to increase understanding of the impact of healthcare harm, and frequently secondary harm on patients and families, their needs after healthcare harm, and how the system might meet them.  

We understand that most healthcare harm is unintended, often the result of a range of causal and systemic factors.  However despite this, the healthcare system is still characterised by a culture of denial around errors and frequently does not support staff involved in incidents as part of a truly just culture. Patients and families already facing trauma and tragedy continue to suffer further significant avoidable harm with devastating and long lasting impacts. 

 Whether you are a harmed patient/family, healthcare professional, academic researcher or anyone else who wants to see harmed patients and families receive the care they need after harm events, thank you for visiting our site.  By working together to promote the urgent need for change we can all help create a kinder and more compassionate system that enables recovery for those affected, instead of inhibiting it.  

We welcome contact from individuals or organisations who wish to support our work.

Support the Campaign

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